Monday 12 June 2017

Hellen's Garden Festival

Today we had another great day at Hellens garden festival 
I'm afraid I haven't got many pictures (but lots of garden that I'll share later in the week), but we had a great time, my talk went well (but unfortunately wasn't attended by that many), the children did loads of activities and I managed to go on a hour tour of the garden without them! 
Wool weaving demo

Wool weaving

Pressed (or smashed) flowers

One fo the tents with lots of craft activities for the children

Girls showing off their facepaints
Sometimes you go to a show and it's just lots of stalls trying to sell you something, Hellens really doesn't feel like that, instead there's loads to see, areas to explore and stuff to do. Again I really don't feel like we did it all and should have got there earlier, maybe next year we'll go for both days. Great day out.

1 comment:

  1. Amazing face paint!
    Glad your talk went well. It sounds a lovely festival- pity it's not a bit nearer to me.


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