Friday 20 October 2017

Boy Helping

The kids always seem to want to help, no matter the job.
I know this will soon change so I'll make the most of it now!
Here's the boy helping me to cable tie some more wire round the bottom of one of my chicken coops. He loved it and although it took me five minutes to pick up all the ones he'd dropped it was lovely having him "help" me for this little job! he was so dexterous with his fingers, pushing it between the wire, concentrating the whole time. 
Afterward he walks with a spring in his step, knowing he's helped daddy and babbles about it to his mum when she comes home. 

Do (or did)  your children love to help?

What age does it stop?


  1. Children helping with tasks & then communicating with others about them is a huge boost to their development of skills - so well done for that:)
    With luck they will continue to help through primary school age & thro' the start of secondary school. Unfortunately between about 14-16 years, they become acutely aware of what others are doing & try out alternative, often less helpful or family-centred, ways of behaving to fit in with the crowd. Some return to helping as older teenagers when peer pressure eases off. This was our family experience!!

  2. Play him the JCB song Kev. Wait until he's a teenager and he won't get out of the bed in the morning and swears at you if you ask him to help you.

  3. My daughter has always "helped" and now as a pre-teen she is literally a big help. It is very difficult sometimes to have the patience to let them be a part of what you are doing when they are little, but it it such a big part of raising an individual who is a self starter and independent.

    On an even more important note, how smart are you for buying brightly colored zip ties? Forget kids, I'm the one always dropping them and then my old eyes can't find them.

  4. My kids were always a big help when they were home. They left to go to school in Vancouver years ago and never came back home except to visit. I sure do miss having them around, and they were always a big help to their mom and I.


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