Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Escape Artist

The boy has one goal at the moment - to get outside! 
I'm having to lock doors, otherwise he quietly slip his boots on and goes off to see all the chickens, tractors, diggers and sheep. 

Round here is a little boys dream, so he obviously just wants to be outside! Just wish he'd let me know when he goes! 


  1. I hope his enthusiasm continues for many years to come.

  2. how lovely he wants to be outside you will just have to fix a bell to the door then you will hear him escape :-)

  3. I know how he feels, I have to be in the garden every day, not enough jobs to do, just dead heading. BUT I still need to be there.

  4. Locking baby gates, or this one would be running around the yard at all hours. Even so he's gone through the cat door.

  5. Nice to have a budding outdoorsman! Looks like you're going to be kept on your toes for a few years until he gets there!

  6. Wooh EE! Kevin. Watch that little guy like a hawk. When my boy was that age, he was staying with his grandma,and she went to sleep on the front porch. Pretty soon, a van pulled up with a lady driving it, and she asked my mother in law if she knew this little boy. She opened the van door, and it was Glenn! He's walked down the road a quarter mile before that lady came along and picked him up!

    He's the same one who opened one of the doors on our house, during a snow storm, then got a broom and unlatched the screen door, and went out in his pajamas. Fortunately, my wife was looking for him immediately and found the door open and him outside. I shudder when I think of having kids that small.....


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