Friday 27 October 2017

Roofing Farmer Style

Spent a day on my parents farm on Wednesday. 
A room I've been doing up for mum (over the last two years - don't ask! Time is not my friend!) has some issues with a leaking roof. 
Mum and dads place is old, in some places it's as old as 600 year but most is just 400 - it even has a priest hole. The roof is big, has many valleys and lots of detail. 

 Dad lifted me up to look at the leak using the 4wd forklift and a cage on the front. Feels pretty high when you're 8m in the air! 
Still theres some nice views up there! And I love looking at the house I grew up in from a different angle. 

Non of the fixes I did were brilliant, as unfortunately I couldn't see anywhere obvious where water was getting in. I did fix a slipped slate on the main roof and sealed up some of the render where I think the wet was blowing in during driving rain.
Although not what everyone would like to be doing it certainly beat doing it all off a ladder and was a fun day spent with my dad!  


  1. Water leaks are dreadful to find because the actually hole can be yards from the damp patch. Its always been my bugbear.

  2. Oh the things we do...a leaky roof can be tricky. I can see your problem with all those valleys :)

    Great views from up high :)


  3. It's amazing how high-up you feel when only above the first floor.


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