Wednesday 18 October 2017

Veg Bag

Mum came over the other day, she always brings something for the kids to do whilst she's here. 
She knows that they love crafts, so it's normally something craft based she can bring with her.
She'd found these bags from a pound shop that came with a set of pens.
The one side you just colour in a picture of some fish but the other side is blank. I told my daugheter she could draw what ever she wanted, I said just draw whatever interests you.
She drew veggies!
On the bag now there's carrots, beetroots, tomatoes, lettuces, sweetcorn, the list goes on! It really made me smile when she did it.

This little girl sure does love her gardening! 


  1. Fabulous Kev. Says a bunch about you and your wife and all you've taught your little ones. Well done

  2. What a great idea grandma! Well done young lady.

  3. Fabulous, lots of children do not know what vegetables look like!!!

  4. Love the veg bag design. I think all schools should have a veg plot to show them how to grow food.

  5. You are a great dad and teaching your children well.

    Such a cute little bag, and artist :)



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