Friday 27 May 2022

Kit Wines

I always used to hold off on kit wines, thinking it was cheating. 

Well I still think it is in a way, but my goodness doesn't it produce some good and cheap wine!

You don't need much kit and it produces wine that will rival any you'd buy from a supermarket. This works out at just over £1.50 a bottle. I've done three kits (white, red and rose) and that should last it years to be honest! Especially with beer and cider being brewed as well. 

The kits come with all you need ingredients wise (except water), all you need is a couple of barrels, something to stir it with, sterilising equipment and a good corker. 

Anyone else succumbed to making kit wines? Are you a convert like me? 

If you are what's your favourite brand and variety? 


  1. They look good and I am sure they taste good. Well done.

  2. I've never tried a kit. I've only made natural fermentation elderberry wine, which we really like. Yours looks really good!


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