Thursday 12 May 2022

Lawn Edging From Logs - part 1

I keep trying to find ways to use the timber around me. So the other day at mum and dads I pulled out some pear logs from a tree they had to fell a few years ago. 

Getting them back they were too big for what I wanted, I decided to cleave them down smaller, into quarters. 

Using some steel wedges and a big hammer I slowly split them down. The guys that used to do this all the time must have been built of iron. I soon built a sweat (although had just logged a load of firewood as well). 

I "walked" the wedges down the log and opened them up. A simple job and one that didn't take too long (even if it did take a bit of effort. 

With them split I then placed them where I wanted. 
The idea being to give a break between the garden and the veg garden - gives me a chance to keep the weeds out then!
It's very rustic I'm sure you'll agree. I'll now make some sweet chestnut pegs to hold it in place, then put cardboard down and compost before I plant my lavender hedge I've been planning! 

Hopefully this will all make my garden feel a lot more "finished" and not such a weedy mess every year! 

What do you think to the idea of giving myself an edge to work up to? 


  1. I am reading a bed, it was my herb garden, it already has a wooden frame, I am going to have a strip of slate across the front, I have loads of slate, this should stop the flowers tumbling onto the lawn.

    1. Sounds like a great idea to use what you have to hand first.

  2. They would be good for raised beds or planters for perennials even.

    1. This will now have a lavender hedge planted in it, so kind of a raised bed, but it also gives me something to scythe up to when keeping the garden "tidy" (or as tidy as it ever gets with me).


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