Sunday 6 November 2022

Canning Windfall Apples

I really hate seeing food waste on the ground, especially when so much effort and years of growth has gone into it. 

We've currently got loads of windfall apples under our trees. Each day I'm throwing some to the chickens, our apple racks are nearly full and we've got lots of dried apple. 

I decided that I would harvest some more and can them for super easy puddings throughout the year! We all love a crumble or a pie and with canned apple it's so easy, just open them up and use them, no need to defrost anything or wait for it to rehydrate. 

But I often get asked about how I can my apples, so I thought I'd do a video about my process, filing myself going through the steps to make 9 pints of canned apples (as well as enough for a crumble...). 

Hopefully you'll enjoy the video, if you watch it please leave a comment on YouTube, it'll help more people see my videos. 

What's your favourite way to use up windfall apples?

Also I'm starting a Mailing list 


  1. Pigs love windfall apples. Have you thought of getting some pigs Kev?

    1. Yes, we have an area fenced off ready. Think we'll do it next year!


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