Friday 4 November 2022

Crap Taxidermy

 We went to visit my sister and her partner last week because they've had twins! It was a lovely day and we all fell in love with the new additions to the family. 

As they live near Manchester we decided to break up the drive home with a stop to a museum in Stoke. It was quite odd in some respects, and completely empty, like we'd hired the whole place to ourselves. There was some beautiful things in there and some serious levels of craftsmanship.

There was also a good few bits of crap taxidermy.

These three were the best:- 

This squirrel was bringing new meaning to the term limp wristed. He also struggled to tie his shoelaces...

This armadillo lived how it died.... Halfway though performing Michael Jackson's "Bad" apparently...

And I'm just not sure what is going on with this squirrel's mouth? Is it chewing gum? Or is that a prolapse? Either way I don't want to find out! 

This last one isn't taxidermy (or at least I hope it isn't) but is easily the creepiest doll I've ever seen. Apparently it was an expensive toy in it's day - I would have paid a lot of money to keep the thing away from me!

What's the worst museum display you've ever seen? (I promise there were great ones there as well!)


  1. Oh my goodness, think they need to do a bit of chucking out!

  2. I like your humorous thoughts on each exhibit.

    1. Thanks! We were making each other chuckle as we found the terrible ones!

  3. Something left over from a Halloween display?

  4. That was gross and amusing. The first squirrel really needs to go! They need a sign to warn people of horrors ahead. I was at Madame Tussaud's wax museum in Niagara Falls and they had a horror chamber in the basement. I left my child with relatives upstairs and checked it out. Absolutely gruesome displays which were permanently etched in my brain. Had my child seen would have been traumatizing. Your Doll needs to meet Chuckie.

    1. That sounds terrible! I went to Niagra falls about 20 years ago and remember being utterly disappointed with the town around it!


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