Friday 25 November 2022

Horses In The Polytunnel Until Spring

No, not that type of horse! 

Pure Carpentry horses here (and a peening pony). I hate seeing them outside in the rain but don't have enough space in my already packed out workshop to store them. Instead I thought I'd overwinter them in the tunnel. 

In the picture I have my Spoon mule, a peening pony (for my scythe blades) and a shave horse (used in a number of videos and articles), I also put my old sawhorse in there as well. 

I plan to get the other half of the tunnel cleared out in the next week or so. Then I have some oak beams I want to dry off before I build a little lean-to over the boiler. They've been sat out for so long if I don't do something with them soon I never will. I figure the polytunnel will be a nice place to work over winter for a few jobs anyway. 

Anyone else use their polytunnel/hoop house for other purposes?



  1. I'd say that's a good use of your polytunnel!

    Your blog title reminded me of a story my late father-in-law used to tell. When Dan was a boy they had a little acreage outside of town and FIL somehow got into a feud with his neighbor. The neighbor thought he'd pull one on him and called the police to report FIL was illegally keeping horses. The police showed up and confronted him about it. He told them, "Yeah, I've got horses." He then took them to his workshop and showed him his carpentry horses. Not sure if the feud was ever resolved, but everyone still laughs over that story.

    1. Stories like that are why I like blogging and social media! Really made me smile.

  2. Could the hens not clear the rest of the polytunnel for you? You can never have enough sheds or polytunnels on a smallholding. Tarpaulins even?

    1. They could, but I've got the one half planted up with beans, peas, and salads, so I'm trying not to get the animals in there this winter so it's ready for growing come the new season. Last year the ducks really delayed me.


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