Wednesday 2 November 2022

Carved Tool Box For Nine Year Old Daughter's Birthday

I shared this on social media the other day but never got round to writing a blog post.  

A few weeks back it was my Middlest's birthday. Nine years old! (who can believe it! Some have followed this blog for that long!)

She is such a character and always knows her own mind, is smart, funny and capable. She's good company and fun to be around. 

She wrote a little list of things she'd like for her birthday. None of them major but the top item was there...

She wanted a carved toolbox like her sister received for her birthday when she turned nine. She had placed it on the top of her list. 

I made one a little different from the one I made her sister, this is one I made for a magazine article last year. The carving is in tulip wood, flowers carved in by hand. 

I also got her the start of a tool kit as well. 

She seemed really pleased with it, hopefully it will help keep them practical and they'll know they can tackle anything if they approach it right! 

When did you get your first toolbox?


  1. Just fabulous, and happy birthday Miss Alviti!

  2. I got my first sewing kit really young, like my mum I loved sewing, so she gave me my own sewing box, does that count.

    1. Yes That counts! Ours love sewing and have their own boxes full of stuff. When they get pocket money on holiday they often buy Fat quarters with their money!

  3. Stunning. What a great birthday present and so practical.

  4. Happy birthday!
    I got my first sewing box when I was about nine.
    My first tool box was one I made when I took part in an apprentice scheme - I was doing teacher training and I was linked to the company to get experience of what a school leaver would do.


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