Monday 28 November 2022

Christmas Gift Ideas For Gardeners

I sometimes need to do a bit of shameless self promotion and this is one of those times! I made a short (3 minute) video showing some of the products I make here in my little workshop at the foot of the Malverns. 

I love that I get to make this stuff. I try to build everything as well as I can, use the right materials and have items that will last many years. 

Every single item is made by me. Normally in small batches, all while I fit in everything else around making them. In doing this I can work some of the time from home, be here all the time for the children, grow our food, cook our meals from scratch, be part of my community.

I feel very thankful that people buy my products and support me in this way. 

If you buy from a small independent maker (not just me), know you are making a huge difference to their life and the way they live. 


  1. Such beautiful and sturdy objects will last a lifetime which is a problem for you because you will need to keep finding new clients. My husband made me a trug about 25 years ago and it is so useful and of course, never wears out. These are such perfect gifts for gardeners of all stripes and that hinged box would be a great treasure trunk for kids. I hope you find the clients who will appreciate the quality of what you are offering.

    1. Thankfully one advantage of the internet is a big pool of people to sell them all to. I honestly thought I'd stop doing potting trays at some point, but demand still seems to be there. th baskets always sell well around Christmas as I think they make a great gift. Keeping up with my own stock levels is tricky though!


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