Saturday 17 December 2022

Last Chance To Order For Christmas (hopefully)

So, Christmas is fast approaching, so time for my last bit of shameless self promotion!

When you're a small maker/producer, the increased buying around Christmas makes a huge difference to over all yearly sales. 

Obviously this year has been harder due to postal strikes, but I've been using the same courier my dad uses, who has a regular pick-up slot booked every day, and they're still saying stuff will get there for Christmas. 

Delivery is in the lap of the gods, but I'm optimistic. I'll close sales down on Monday, opening the shop back up after Christmas. 

Sales have been good and I've managed to keep my stock levels to the point where I've only run out of a few things. 

Today I finished making the last batch of potting trays for the year (woop woop) and from here on in I'll be making some Christmas presents and starting work on a few new magazine articles (I also think I have a job next week repairing some sash windows at some point - seems to be regular work just doing that). 

Find my shop here!

Thanks for all the support - It doesn't have to be buying anything, even just reading my blog, watching my videos, sharing my stuff, commenting, emailing me, keeping me motivated. I started this blog over ten years ago, I make no money from it, but it means far more to me than that, I've made friends, changed the way I work, influenced so many things in my life. 


  1. Glad your products are selling well, as they say every little helps. Blogs are so informative, and the authors so helpful.

    1. My blog has been sucha passion of mine, it's hard to belive just how many posts I've written over the years! Social media has killed blogging a bit but there are still some good ones going.

    2. Kev, I am grateful for your blog and videos. I would argue that blogs and the Social Internet will have impact years into the future when the latest social media post has faded and is forgotten.

    3. Thank you!
      I think you could be right there. I worry about how much good information has been lost on social media, brilliant threads that are forgotten a few days after thye've been posted. They can be found but not easily in the same way.

  2. As far as we are concerned you are living the dream - and our dream is not shy of a lot of hard work .... the dream is that it's hard work we enjoy doing.

    1. Yes, I enjoy working hard, I get bored otherwise. I think my life balance at the moment is pretty good, but I probably do too many hours to earn too little, but it is very flexible and I love it.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Dave, it's appreciated! I'm not as good at reading other blogs as I used to be, but I like sitting down and having a catch up on my favourites when I can.


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