Friday 23 December 2022

This Months Magazine Articles

Having all three magazines I write for land not too far apart is always nice. Reminds me of some projects I did a while ago.  

This months magazine articles projects made and written by myself are -
@woodworkingcrafts 78 - Small router table
@woodcarvingmagazine 191 - Larping chest/Bible box
@woodturning__magazine 377 - Christmas baubles

There is also another woodturning article for the magazine that came out in the month that woodworking crafts and woodcarving have off (they're every two months)

These were some fun articles. The Christmas baubles were made for my sister for last Christmas. They're something I keep thinking I should make throughout the year and sell when it gets near to Christmas. I'm sure they're be a market for them, just need to find the time.

They're great practice for keeping your eye in when it comes to woodturning and don't use much in the way of wood. These were made with some reclaimed pitch pine I got from an old beam on a job about 12 years ago!

The larping chest was a huge undertaking as I carved it in pine (I wrote about it on the blog at the time and there is a video here about it). I have this available for sale as well in the new year, just send me an email if you're interested. The carving on it was fun but challenging, made me appreciate how easy some woods are to carve. 

The router table was something I'd wanted to make for a long time. I already had a big router table, but wanted a smaller one, just for rounding over when I make my potting trays. I was really pleased with the design and use it regularly now. Watch a video on that build here. It is the same size as my other "systainer" tool boxes, so fits away easily and connects up well to dust extraction. 

Always fun having articles published. I must count how many it is now, must be over 65 now! 

What would be your dream magazine to write for?


  1. That is awesome Kev! I am constantly impressed and amazed by your work (if for no other reason than I have limited skills in such things).

    1. Thank you! The magazines really let me explore other avenues of work that I probably wouldn't allow myself time for normally. So for that I'm grateful.

  2. Good for you, Kev, for having more of your articles published. In doing so you share a lot of great information to the benefit of other woodworkers out there. Years ago, I wrote a column for a locally published magazine called Women's Times. All the articles were written by women (hence the name) and spear-headed by a gal, very much a feminist, who was a champion of women's talents and set out to showcase them. It was fun.

    1. That sounds like a great opportunity for writing! I wrote for a very local magazine a few times which I really enjoyed as I could write anything at all that I wanted, somehow it was almost harder to come up with an idea though!

  3. Good work. We need more 'real' craftspeople with actual hands on experience to write. For me, better to teach a carpenter to write, than to try teaching a writer to write about carpentry!

    1. I've been obsessed with learning to write for decades now, and practice all the time. It certainly hasn't come easy to me unfortunately, but I do feel I've found my voice now.


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