Sunday 1 January 2023

Happy New Year! (And December Walk About Video)

 We had a lovely start to the New Year with a nice easy evening with some friends in the village, the children playing and watching a few films while we saw the New year in. Today has been a very lazy one, but things will have to pick up a gear next week as everyone goes back to school (and I go back to workshop work). 

I did manage to film a quick walk around the garden last night before we went out. I think it's interesting to see the garden after our cold snap, it's affected some veg pretty badly, and making me realise that I was probably far to complacent with mild winters of the past. Oh well, a good learning experience! 

Hope 2023 brings you all you need. We have one big change coming as our eldest will be moving up to secondary school this year so I'm sure that will bring many parenting adventures!

Thanks again for reading my blog, it's the encouragement I need to write it all down and I love looking back at old posts, it's a diary of sorts and has created many opportunities for me, but would be nothing without support and comments. Thank you! 


  1. Thank YOU Kev, great video and some lessons learned for the new year. My granddaughter will also be moving to secondary school this year, hardly seems possible does it and as you say, it will bring parenting adventures I'm sure! It's a worry I know but your daughter has been well brought up and I'm sure she'll get on just fine. Happy New Year to you and all your family xx

    1. I forgot to comment about the goji berries. Yes, they are ghastly, in any form! I do urge you to rip them out now whilst you can. They grow wild in our neighbourhood and once they take hold and start self-seeding they are a devil to get rid of, they are real thugs and should be banned in my opinion!

    2. Thanks Sue! I hope she does. I have fond memories of secondary school, some of it was hard, with some horrible kids (and adults) but I had a good strong group of friends.
      As for the goji, I might just rip it out on your say so. I think the space would be better given to something like a whiteberry.


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