Thursday 19 January 2023

Russets Are Best In January

 Now this is just my opinion, but I think russet apples are at their absolute peak of edibility in January. 

The ones in our store are looking brilliant. 

So far I've not had to throw many out, and although they have lost a bit of tightness on the skin (haven't we all though to be honest...) the flavour has increased with storage. 

They're not crisp like a supermarket apple that's been in "perfect" storage conditions. Instead they're ever so slightly dehydrating, making them sweeter. They have a firm sponginess (if that makes sense) and bite to them when you eat them. 

Honestly an apple doesn't get better than this. 

What's your favourite apple this time of year?


  1. As a child, my mum would wrap local apples in newspaper and store them in trays under her bed, they always lasted into January, any which started to go soft would be used in cooking.

    1. We used to wrap apples, but it does make them harder to inspect.

  2. I'm still experimenting and trying to recover my mother's old recipe for Apple Brown Betty. It was a cobbler of apples and old chunks of bread baked in some sort of cream batter. I've come close a few times, but still not matching the memories.
    I followed a link here thinking it was Russet potatoes you were referencing. We had a good crop of Yukon Gold spuds from the garden, and still have a few pound left in a tray in the garage.

    1. My mum used to make a brown betty, want me to get her recipe for you?


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