Sunday 8 January 2023

Latest Magazine Article - Bar Skittles

Back at the beginning of the autumn I made a bar skittle set for a magazine article for Woodturning magazine.

It was a lovely project to make, a little repetition, but not too much, and a few harder bits to turn (the pole without a steady rest for one). 

But the bets bit was playing it with the kids and the outtakes! 

It was hard to get some good pictures of them all playing - without them being too dramatic! 

A fun project and one that looks great in the magazine (I know I'm biased but I love when I see the drawings they do). Also a really fun game to play. 

Look out for it in Woodturning Magazine issue 378!

Anyone else made a game like this (or different - I'm always looking for more things to make for magazine articles!)?


  1. Brilliant photo's, naturally having fun with a few extra facial expressions, it's what child hood should be about.

  2. Wooden toys for next Christmas Kev? A truck or a train perhaps?


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