Wednesday 25 January 2023

Tool Sharpening Lesson

With the handle made he was desperate to sharpen the tool up and make it so he can use it. 

I talked him through the whole process, and as he's only 7 I'm not sure how much he'll remember but he listened so attentively.


With the water grinder and the jigs to use it he could grind the angles we needed easily. It was interesting looking at the blade together and watching the lines decrease until it was nearly sharp. Then we used the leather honing wheel to strop it. 

He was so pleased with how sharp we got it. We made a little protective end for it so he could take it inside to show his sisters. 

So the first few bit of his carving toolkit made up! 


  1. He's going to have a skill for a life of creation, lucky lad.

  2. Project taken to completion! Seems he's readily soaking up the knowledge you're offering him. Goodness, what's ahead for your beautiful son? :o)

  3. I think kids become interested in what their parents are enthusiastic about. And if parents are willing to teach them, so much the better! Everything you all do on your homestead is fostering the very best of life skills.

    1. I think you're right there, also it's our job as parents to make it interesting for them.


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