Thursday 9 February 2023

Future Talk Dates

I have a good number of talks booked up for the coming year so I thought I'd share on here where and when they are. 

Normally you can go to a garden club you're not a member of and pay a visitors fee, but it is best to email the garden club directly to check first! 

I've added this as a tab below my header, I'll try to keep that page updated as I get more bookings. 


25th Jan - Malvern Garden Club - Unusual Fruit and Veg I

8th Feb- Blakeney Garden Club - Preserving the Harvest

16th Feb - Southam - Unusual Fruit And Veg I

8th March - St. Michaels - Tenbury Gardeners - Unusual Fruit And Veg I

13th March - Bishops Cleeve Gardening Group - Unusual Fruit And Veg I

6th April - Dymock diggers - Preserving The Harvest

10th April - Llanthony - Preserving The Harvest

15th April - Worcester black pear gardening club - Unusual Fruit And Veg I

19th April - Gothering - A Talk About Our Homestead & How We Got Here

20th April - Kington - Preserving The Harvest

1st May - Colwall - Unusual Fruit And Veg I

17th May - Winchcomb - Unusual Fruit And Veg I

31st May - Little Thorne - Unusual Fruit And Veg II

8th June - Alderton - Preserving The Harvest

10th June - Hellen's Garden Festival - Q&A Session

27th June - Hereford Fuchsia Society - Unusual Fruit And Veg I

18th July - Leominster - University of the Third Age - A Talk About Our Homestead & How We Got Here

12th September - Slimbridge - Preserving The Harvest

15th September - Lower wye Valley - Unusual Fruit and Veg

21st September - Newent - Preserving The Harvest

27th September - Severnside cottage gardening society - Unusual Fruit And Veg II

10th October - May Hill garden club - Preserving the Harvest

8th November - Wellington Heath Garden club - Preserving The Harvest

13th December - Bourton Vale Horticultural Society - Preserving The Harvest


16th January - Stoke Lacy Garden club - Unusual Fruit and Veg I

I'll try and add in dates as they get booked. 

Let me know if you're coming to any of them! I wonder if I should do some courses here as well at some point  in the future, let me know what you'd like a course on (that you think I could teach). 


  1. Busy time ahead, I love you share your knowledge.

    1. Thanks! Yeah it certainly keeps me busy. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a few more bookings this year yet, I sometimes do "emergency" ones as well at the last minute.

  2. You are certainly in demand - even booked into next year!

    1. Always feels weird when I start getting the bookings for the year after, but some of these clubs book you up to 18 months in advance!

  3. It would be good if you could put one of your talks on video for us overseas visitors to your blog Kev.

    1. Many have said that to me - the only downside is if I do that I worry no one else will book that talk!

  4. Looking forward to seeing you in Southam later this week 🙂.

    1. It was lovely to meet you last night! Please comment more often - it's good to know there are people out there!

    2. Thank you Kev, it was such a good evening! Your talk went down very well with the Village People 🤭. I think there are more people out there, reading your plain common sense, than you realise. Keep up the good work, Sue.


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