Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Hereford Seed Swap This Weekend!

So it's the annual Hereford Seed Swap this weekend. 

I look forward to this every year, it's always such a fun event filled with likeminded people. I'll be behind the tables with the rest of the volunteers, giving out advice and trying to sort out seeds as they're handed in. 

 It really is incredible and you could easily get your whole years worth of seeds from this event! 

I'm sure the talk is going to be good as well, I've met Liz and she's lovely, really knows her subject well (her book is great). 

If you go make sure you say hello to me! I'll be easy to spot - pockets filled with seed packets and talking non stop about growing! 


  1. We haven't found anything like it in our community. Maybe we just need to look harder/deeper.

  2. I wish there was something like that over here.

    1. Could you start one Dave? Put an advert in the local paper and see if anyone wants to join in?


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