Saturday 11 February 2023

Young Apple Tree Pruning

I've managed to prune all the apple trees here. 

I've still got my mums to do and need to tidy up the branches from mine. 

It's a job I look forward to every year, I love watching them develop over time. This year I've done a few videos showing how I approach pruning them and the speed I can get them done. 

The first video shows some young trees in the coppice, from trees I grafted myself. They're coming on nicely and have established themselves. A few needed straightening up a bit as well. 

I have a another few videos ready to go with some older trees I need to prune out. I'll probably follow the same format and just film some examples rather than talk too much about the job as a whole. Practice is what makes this job better. 

Let me know what you think of the video!

How do you tackle your apple trees?


  1. We always prune our Magnolia and twisted willow, keeping them small in our small garden. I treat both just like a tall shrub.

    1. There's something very human about pruning.

  2. I have virtually given up on apple trees Kev. Living in the countryside next to the sea you can get a gale in April/May and all the blossom disappears. Great vid.👍

    1. Ah that's a real shame, is there any way you can grow more shelter, or just too exposed?


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