Friday 3 February 2023

Latest Woodturning Magazine Article - Taglatelle roller

I saw a rolling pin like this while we were visiting a manor house in the summer, on holiday in Wales.

When I saw it I just knew I had to make one and thought it would make an interesting article.

I ended up gifting this to a friend the other day when she came over and was talking about making pasta, I can always make another one. 

I turned it from a solid piece of beech and always love how smooth you can get it. 

Think they'd sell if I made more? 

Would you use one?


  1. Hard to say - we have a pasta machine but that roller would do the same job and definitely take up less cupboard space.

    1. Yeah, coupled with a normal rolling pin it's an easy way to make one type of pasta. We have amachine but I hate getting it out!

  2. It's not just functional its beautiful. William Morris and his Arts and Crafts Movement would have liked you Kev.

  3. Roll, turn 90 degrees and roll again: Homemade soup crackers! Good project.

  4. If the strips were a bit wider, could you use it for pastry to make latices patterns on pies etc?


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