Friday 18 August 2023

Back From An Incredible Holiday In Norway!

So this year we decided to take the children on their first holiday away from Great Britain. It's my wife and mine first time flying in 12 years as well! We used to be quite the pair of travellers, enjoying our twenties by having bits of travelling and adventures. 

It seemed like the children were old enough to enjoy it and we're more finically stable now than we were when the kids were a bit younger. 

It was also my 40th birthday this year, much earlier in the year. I didn't want a massive fanfare about it. In fact it was only just after we had found out about our eldest's diabetes diagnoses and I was a little down in the dumps. But we had already booked a holiday for it so when anyone asked what I was doing for my birthday I had that answer ready!

I had always wanted to go to a Scandinavian country, and even though we'd driven around a lot of (western) Europe in a ambulance converted into a camper van, we never got quite that far north. So my 40th felt like the perfect excuse to book that holiday. Also my eldest isn't great in the heat, so a slightly cooler holiday seemed perfect.  

We had an incredible time and I have plans to write lots of blog posts about it. I have normal posts scheduled currently but hopefully I'll be able to share some great pictures and stories with you all over the next few weeks. 

It felt incredible to travel again, not just because of the experience for me, but knowing that travel will help make our children well rounded individuals and broaden their views on the world. They made the trip easy, were superbly behaved and great company. I'm fairly sure we all made some new core memories.

It's good to get home though! 

More to come...


  1. Kev, how wonderful (and Happy Birthday, by the by!). Glad you had a wonderful trip and looking forward to pictures.

    1. The birthday was a while back! My 30s have been amazing, so I'm hopeful my 40s will follow suit!

  2. Norway is such a great country. I really enjoyed living there a while back. Such good access to wild outdoors and plenty for outdoorsy folk to do.

  3. Welcome back Kev, glad you had a great time, you deserve it!


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