Wednesday 16 August 2023

Carved Flour Scoop - Magazine Article

This is another project I made back in very late winter/early spring, I'd been wanting to make a carved scoop for some time. It was something I hadn't really seen but the idea stuck in my head so I had to make it. I had started with a completely different scoop, but got halfway through and decided the shape was all wrong. 

But I knew it would make a great project for Woodcarving magazine. 
It's in the latest issue now, you can probably guess how long ago the pictures were taken by the Lesser Celandine in the background of the first picture in the article. The light really did work well for me that day! 

It's a scoop that fits brilliantly in your hand as well. I'm in two minds as to whether to sell this one or keep it, I think it'll age well chucked in a bag of bread flour.

Made from lime, like many scoops were in the past, it makes it light and easy to make by hand. 

Do you think you'd use a carved scoop like this or do you think the detail would be too fussy to clean for food products?


  1. That's absolutely beautiful Kev. No, I don't think it would be too hard to clean as it would only be used for dry foods, such as flour, beans, pasta and so on. Just a quick brush off with a small brush would do the trick, no need to get it into water at all I wouldn't have thought. Well done, a lovely piece of work.

    1. Ah Thanks Sue. It was a fun project to make. As usual I'd left it a bit late as couldn't quite decide on the design. I made this the day of deadline!


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