Tuesday 22 August 2023

Harvest Baskets In Use

 I got tagged in a Twitter post the other day (if we can still call it twitter) with some of my baskets in use. I had a customer buy four baskets all at once, which really made my day, then to be sent pictures of them being used made it again! 

Such a lovely picture of one of my baskets

The Twitter use @CotonBuzz (Or Coton Loves Pollinators) gave me permission to share the photos on here, saying how much they liked washing the veg out before they brought it up to the house. 

I love this picture of a basket filled and one in the distance

Sometimes the bit I miss about not doing much "regular" carpentry work anymore is that I don't get to see people enjoy what I make, but lately it's bene great with people sending in pictures or tagging me in social media. I feel really lucky that I can enjoy making these items and people enjoy using them! 


  1. I have a suggestion for you Kev. The wire baskets I have are stackable which I find very convenient and probably would motivate more people to buy multiples from you. I like being about to throw a stack of baskets into my wheelbarrow and head out to the garden and then return with them all full. They are rectangular like yours but have two u-shaped handles that attach towards the middle of each longer side and then flip down over the short side when not being used. I think it wouldn't be too hard to modify your baskets to work with a similar handle and have them nest together.

    1. The downside with having them nest is they have to taper then. It is something I've been thinking about thoug, and with tool boxes. I've even gone as far as makign a few prototype tool boxes but got no further than that. I like your idea of the two handles, it could work quite well, would mean the handles are on the outside, but that could be a benefit.
      I'll percolate on this, I think it could be really good. Maybe a smaller basket, be ideal for berries or soft fruit then. cheers.

  2. Similar to this handle design


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