Sunday 6 August 2023

C.A.D. - Cardboard Aided Design

 The other day I was trying to mock up some new scoops I wanted to make. 

To do this I make the sheet metal part out of cardboard. the carboard then becomes the template for the early metal ones. 

I shared a picture on the community section of my YouTube page of these prototypes and someone commented that it was CAD - Cardboard aided design - and I really rather liked that! 

I've got into the habit of building prototypes in this way or with waste material as it just makes the process so much quicker. If it's life size it also means I can get a real feel for how it's going to behave when I make it. 

The idea behind these is to expand my range of wood and metal scoops that I've been making and selling. It does mean that my dad and me have had to make some metal formers for the pressbreak, but more on that in another post (or video). The scoops have been selling steadily, and although I don't think they're ever make me rich I do enjoy making them and think they complement the other items I make really well. 

I wanted these to have round bottoms, and be in a number of sizes. I also wanted a really big scoop I could really hoof up the grain with, like a feed scoop of old, with your hand above the scoop rather than behind it. I'm really looking forward to seeing how these turn out and work when I make them for real. 

If you could have me make any kind of scoop what would you have made up? I'd make it with metal rather than carboard...


  1. That is a great idea that I would have never thought of Kev - it is not as if I have not used cardboard to mock things up for flat objects - why not three dimensional objects?

    1. I have done similar with some scrap wood as well. I often get bits that aren't good enough to use on the things I make, but too good to throw away! I like making models of things and then seeing how they feel and look in real size.

  2. I use some cardboard for designing but mostly in the form of templates and joggle sticks. All my parts are rigid but sometimes follow irregular shapes. Here in the midwest, our cardboard is all recycled so when it outlives its life as a template, it gets stuck in the bin and recycled. With Amazon deliveries, there is always a new supply for the next project.

    1. I recycle as much carboard as I can as well, we always have so much. Although the last 18 months I've had to buy in carboard for my packaging as it just got too much, also having the right sized boxes makes packing so much quicker - and that's part of the job I hate! I just ordered £500 worth of boxes direct from a wholesaler, having them made specially for me.
      I still reuse where I can though!


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