Monday 7 August 2023

Double Potting Trays In A Potting Shed

I got sent a few pictures of some of my potting trays in use the other day and I just love to see it! 

These must have bene early ones as they're built with reclaimed timber. I make them with new timber now as I could never get enough of the reclaimed stuff - that timber is now reserved for my range of baskets instead. 

I just think this is such a gorgeous potting shed! Two potting trays, side by side like this works really well. One for compost, one for grit. 

I'm tempted to ask more people to show me their potting trays or harvest baskets in use, I'd love to have a collection of the pictures on my blog and to let people show off their potting areas. I might even run it as a competition and then every six months do a giveaway to one selected at random. 

What is your potting area like? 

Do you think the competition would work - would you send in a picture if you had any of my items in use?

1 comment:

  1. I have potting shed envy, it's a great way to show your products being used, looks much nicer when they have something in them.


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