Thursday 29 March 2012

Rabbit Proof Fence

Although I'm worried my veg garden might be a little large its better to have too much space than not enough, despite some of the problems, like weeds, that will come with it.
Rabbit poo or "bumbles" as my wife calls them
One problem I'm hoping not to have to deal with too much is rabbit damage. Although I've not seen that many about yet (I've shot a couple with the air rifle) I know they're around, I can see the signs. I will try to keep their numbers down but the best solution is a good fence.
Staples holding the straining wire which in turn holds up the rabbit wire
 Every night over the last week or so I've been putting up a section of wire. I managed to finish it this week, but I've still got three gates to make and fit before its "rabbit proof" and then I need to add a top rail to make sure its stock (sheep) proof.
The fence finished - need to make some gates and maybe add a top rail to stock proof it
Then I can finish the chicken pen and start the pig pen!


  1. Ah, if only it were just rabbits I had to deal with here. Try stopping deer that can jump 6-foot fences with little effort. Ha! Nice job on the fence, BTW.

    1. Deer tastes better than rabbit though! I've read on other blogs where a whole garden has been wrecked in one night by deer. We've got them near by (as lots of hills and woods near here) but I've not seen them on the fields near home yet!

  2. Yes you are right good fence is the best solution to prevent our garden from animals. I also have a vegetable garden and I have a wooden fencing around it, it really helps to protect my vegetables from cattle.

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