Saturday 10 March 2012

Saving Money

With our large mortgage we're always on the look out to save money and we've done pretty well this week.
First off I applied to EDF (an electrical company) to have free insulation fitted as part of a government incentive scheme. I applied a while ago and before they came to inspect I made sure that the loft was completely clear of all the old insulation as it was so full of rubbish and old mice nests that it was doing nothing anyway. Also by having a clear loft it meant they had to fit the full 300mm amount.
In the end they came on Thursday and filled the cavity walls with insulation, 300mm in the loft, insulated the loft hatch and fitted seals and catches, lagged the water tanks, lagged all the pipes and even fitted a chipboard walkway over the joists! All for nothing, I think its to help them off set their carbon footprint but it should save us loads of money in heating.
The second money saving thing I did this week was to concrete in two T shaped metal posts. These were acquired for nothing so all I had to buy was a bit of cement and stone (left over from a job) to concrete them in.
Spaced about 15m apart down the garden, with two bits of line between them, these will make a great washing line - and believe me with a new baby in the house we've got plenty of washing! Just need some sunshine now.


  1. I wish OUR utility companies were as wise as yours by providing ANYthing free to help us (and them) save power and resources.

    As for the washing line - what a wonderful 'solar dryer'. :-D

    1. Yeah we were lucky that they were giving out the grant, it's made the house much warmer, it's all to do with off setting their carbon I think. A few of my friends have done it since I've told them as well.


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