Sunday 11 March 2012

Cost Of The Good Life

By this I mean work!
A very busy Sunday.
New ericaceous raised bed
  • I started all my tomatoes and peppers off (late I know),
  • Planted courgettes and cucumbers, leeks and peas, (all under cover)
  • Cobbled together a plastic 4 tier greenhouse that should have been chucked away at the end of last year,
  • I made a large (10ft by 4ft) raised ericaceous raised bed out of 6x2, filled it and planted 4 blueberry bushes (I've had one of them in a pot for 9 years).
  • Planted 3 blackberry bushes by our fuel tank
  • Pruned all my Autumn raspberries (late again but they only went in last week)
  • Collected all the spare soil from where I'd been planting our orchard
  • Planted a small bit of rhubarb
  • Sorted out all my crop netting and tied it into bundles
Then dad turned up with the digger!
Sump removal with the digger
He kindly dug round the veg and fruit garden with a narrow bucket to make it easier to put the rabbit wire in, he also did a bit of stump removal whilst I removed all the stock fencing to be replaced with rabbit wire. In doing this job he's saved me so much digging and time and as spring is pretty much here I need all the time I can get.
Much easier to dig in the rabbit wire now!
We also dug round the area which will be the chicken pen (to make it more fox proof when the wire goes in). I also made a start on removing a large clump of hazel which I should be able to coppice for bean poles in the future and get some fire wood from it for next winter.
Feeling quite stiff tonight so I think I've got a good day in.

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