Sunday 4 March 2012

New Veg and Fruit Garden

Today was a busy day.
I was woken by my Dad telling me he was already on the road and to get moving. This day revolved around my dads 6610 John Deere Tractor and his skillful driving. To his credit he put in some serious miles today for me - His first stop was my old allotment to pick up our old shed.
How to move a shed
This 7'x7' shed was far too good to leave behind and dad was convinced that rather than take it apart it would be quicker for him to just pick it up with the pallet tines and strap it to the trailer to bring it over to our place. I was worried about the distance in a tractor but there was no convincing my dad otherwise. We went over board on the straps to hold it in place but it didn't move an inch (we didn't even empty it out!). by the time we'd got it on we were both wet to the skin as it was raining the whole time.
Strapped on and ready to go
When we got back to our holding the rain had stopped and we dropped off the shed and then set about rotavating an area I'd marked out for a veg and fruit garden.
Not a view everyone sees in their back garden
The rotavater made a great job of breaking down the ground - the soil here seems great, a little clay in it but not too much and not too sticky, creats a lovely seed bed.
Mum also came to lend a hand in the afternoon so together we managed to get in all the fruit bushes I'd lifted from the allotment and what I'd brought over the last few weeks.
A 20' row of raspberries and lots of other fruit bushes
In all a 20' row of autum raspberries, 5 summer raspberries, 3 gooseberries, 5 blackcurrant, 5 red current, 2 jostaberries and 1 gogiberry - any more suggestions would be useful (still got blue berries to put in.
The new view of our back garden - a little bigger now!
Really pleased with what we achieved today but I was completly tired out by the evening and it was nice to curl up in front of the fire and enjoy cuddles with my little daughter.
Nothing beas a cuddle with my girl at the end of the day though!


  1. Brilliant plan to bring the allotment shed intact. But not even emptying it out? Priceless. LOL

    1. Dad took one look and said "No way" and closed the door. I didn't really have much choice!


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