Tuesday 6 March 2012

First Bit Of Veg Planting

Well this year at least.
As we're giving up the alloment on the 1st of April, the broad beans I'd planted there aren't going to do us any good (I think the mice ate most of them anyway).
My wife raking in some compost - I should be able to get some muck this weekend
 So the first planting job on our new veg garden was to be some Aquadulce bean seeds under a large cloche/cold frame that I was bought for Christmas - this should keep the rabbits off them till we've got it fenced and give them a fighting start.
New Cloche/cold frame, the plastic was a little tight but it should give them a head start
It was a nice job on a sunny evening and the first bit of planting our 7 week old girl has done (it wont be her last) as well as marking the start of veg growing on our holding.
A little helping hand
 Next to go in are the onions and shallots as well as the parsnips later this week, just hope I haven't left them too late! I still haven't started my tomatos and peppers yet either - too much to do!

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