Saturday 3 March 2012

New Blog

I've decided that with the purchase of our smallholding to start a new blog.
My blog "Keeping My Roots" was about the journey of moving away from the farm but making sure I was still connected with that way of life. Now we have our own little bit of the countryside I thought it would be good to start again so people can follow our new journey.

The view of our back garden - this is all going to change!
In England we call a property with a few acres a smallholding, but I think this word has lost its original value. It used to describe a way of life where the land helped to support your family and provide, if not income then food. Now its more the middle classes having somewhere to keep a few horses. This is why I decided to use the American word homestead, as I think this still has the meaning of describing a place where your land supports your family.
The "homestead" in question is a 5 acre patch split into three fields with a semidetached 3 bed house sitting at the top of it. I'm under no illusions of all the books written in the 70's about self sufficiency- I will not be earning my living from this piece of land. We've had to have a killer mortgage to be able to live this way, but I will be using it to lessen our bills and improve our way of living, hopefully with the help of family and friends along the way.


  1. Good luck to you. I've only just found this blog and am enjoying catching up.

  2. I'll be following your journey on your "homestead". A challenge, and hopefully fun too.

  3. Lovely blog. Best of luck. We are trying to find our little piece of land so that we can also start on our journey to a simpler way of life!

  4. It looks like a perfect homestead, looking forward to reading of your progress !

  5. Hey Kev, where is your old blog? Could you merge it in? Or has it gone


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