Monday 12 September 2016

Little Boy Loves His Granddad!

My little boy is properly in love with his granddad, he can't take his eyes off him when he's about! 


  1. That's as it should be, grand ads are wonderful people as are nannas.

  2. Every child should be so lucky. Grandpas are sooo important!

  3. Aww .... that's just lovely. They're going to have a brilliant relationship when he gets bigger ... it looks like Granddad is his hero 😊

  4. Lovely pictures, it looks as though Grandad's pretty keen on his grandson too!
    Our grandson is only 24 days old, but already loves his 'Grandy'. He settles on Grandy's lap and they sit for ages just 'being', it's lovely to watch.
    I loved my Grandad so much, he was just wonderful, very calm, full of information, and had the patience of a Saint!

  5. Awwwww. I think I need to raid a neighboring clan and get my son a wife cause now I want a grandson :)


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