Sunday 18 September 2016

Extension Progress - Slab Poured!

My dad and I have had a few busy weekends wince the last time I wrote about the extension
Easiest to go through it in pictures:
The cavity under the ground level has been filled with a light concrete mix

Drainage has been added, pea gravel around all pipes.
I also built a man hole from scratch.

Drainage in the house surrounded by peas gravel and hardcore added to the slab

Wackered base

Sand blinding added so the plastic won't get damaged

Plastic added - this made a huge play pen for the youngest! 

6 inches of insualtion added to be under the concrete floor

Plastic to go between the insualtion and plastic as well! (build regs requirement) 

Wet concrete being laid - the grid pattern is the reinforcing in the concerete slab

Tamping the concrete roughly level - to lay the concrete we also had the help of one of dads workers Andy!
Got it mixed and laid in an afternoon.

Floating up the concrete late at night

A nice finish on the concrete - this will be the tiled floor of the kitchen eventually! 

It's certainly been busy around here! 
Yesterday and today are being spent getting ready for Dill the brick layer who is coming tomorrow. I've load the slab out with blocks, got all the starter bars in the walls, moved bricks so they're nice and close and made sure he's got plenty of sand and cement. Anything to keep him efficient and save me money! 
Exciting times now - can't wait to see this going up! 


  1. Are they airbricks on the outside of the original wall where the extension joins, if so, does that affect anything if they are covered up?

    1. Yes there are. They vent the wooden floor in the dinning room. By blocking them up the floor won't be able to breathe, but hopefully next year I'm going to rip it out and insulate and concrete it as these suspended floors are a haven for mice and the floors are pretty cold. We did the living room a few years ago and that's been great ever since.

  2. yes you have been busy but its taking shape, its great that you can do so much yourself and save money

  3. upwards with the walls! how exciting. the float was well worth it. So smooth in your Vlog

  4. Cool beans Kev! Love all the detailed pictures, looks like it will be one awesome extension.

  5. Fabulous. I love your concrete funnel in Pic 1. Very ingenious.


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