Thursday 1 September 2016

Back To Being A Stay At Home Dad!

Time to switch back again - Yesterday was my last day at full time work for a while! 

I've been back at work full time for nine months and it's been a busy nine months! 

Being a self employed carpenter I initially worried whether I'd find enough work to keep me going, switching from part time to full time, in the dead of winter can be tricky. As it turned out I've not had a day out of work since Christmas and I've not driven more than five miles for it other than a couple of times. 

Turns out that as I've immersed myself in my local community they've supported me back. 

I've got work from the playgroups I used to go to, recommendations from friends and family and from people who I've previously worked for. I've not advertised at all and I could have easily booked myself up well into next year. 
Wife and happy children
But I'm not going to! Instead I'm going back to being a stay-at-home dad and looking after my three children full time and I can't wait!

I'll still be working (probably far more than I should be) I'll be building things in my workshop to sell in the evenings, I'll be working for customers on Saturdays and school holidays and I'll still be building the extension and doing up the house.
On top of this I can try, with the help of my little helpers, to get back on top of the garden, grow more than ever before, preserve the bounty, manage our animals, and hopefully even have some produce to sell! Being at home more allows me to get some of these things done, in between the school and play school runs, nappy changes and meal times. I love my busy life! 

I do feel guilty that my wife is going back to work, but as the one who is fully employed it makes sense for her to be working full time (she also is entitled to far more holiday than I'd ever get!). The reasoning behind it is in this old post here.

Hopefully you'll all stick around again to offer support and advice and an adult voice when I've been surrounded by three children under five for a full day! 


  1. I think you are a unique man with a heart of gold and are obviously very talented. Looking forward to reading your posts about your next adventures, and lets face it , so far you have had some amazing experiences!!! from Iowa , USA

  2. I read a post the other day were some-one had commented that a lady was lucky that her husband helped so much with the kids, her response was its not luck we are both parents and both share the parenting luck is nothing to do with it, your wife and you do a great job of shared parenting, have fun :-)

  3. More and more men are sharing the parenting role which I think is brilliant. As you say it makes economic sense to do it and everyone is happy. I may be putting my head above the parapet here but if more men did the whole role of housework, childcare, finance and meal maker, I think they would realise how important the stay at home role is! Women are still the predominantly stay at home mums working part time.

  4. Wonderful Kev, you truly are a modern Superman! As for the carpentry, I don't think you'll ever be out of work. I love reading all about everything you do.

  5. Congratulations. How wonderful that the children have a parent at home to care for them. They are very very lucky!

    As for the carpentry end of it-I imagine that a person who is fair, honest, and does a great job will never be without work.

  6. You are a braver man than me Kev. I think I would need to find them a nursery for some of the day. Good luck with the child minding and your carpentry and smallholding tasks.

  7. Kev, you hold the toughest job as a stay-at-home dad. All my respect for what you are doing for your well loved family. You are a very hard working man. I'm sure you will reap the reward:)

  8. Kev, having done it before I know you realize you'll put in longer days, busier days, and even more rewarding days now that you're back to being a full-time dad/homemaker/housekeeper. (Hope you know I revere the labels homemaker and housekeeper! Loving, caring dad comes into play there also.) Your "other" job of carpentry and your expertise at it speaks for itself in that you have all the work you can manage. Most importantly, you and your wife are doing the most wonderful and important thing by raising your children the way you are.

  9. I get worn out just reading your posts!(then I remember that's because I'm 61 and you're a youngster!)
    have a wonderful Autumn with your 3 littlies

  10. I think your wife is a teacher? A demanding and tiring job. I'd be interested to know how she balances her life around work and family.

  11. Of course we'll all stick around .... I do hope you'll have time to chat to us, three under five is an exhausting prospect.

    I hope it continues to go well, it would seem that you have come to a brilliant arrangement for all concerned.


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