Saturday 3 August 2019

Barley Wood Walled Garden

Last weekend my wife and I managed to have a few days together without the children!

It felt very odd at first but we soon got used to it! The first day was sweltering with high temperatures so we didn't feel like doing much. We were staying near Bath and had planned on visiting a lake but when we got there we couldn't see it for all the safety notices! So with a quick search on google I found a walled garden to go visit that was fairly near. 

Barley Wood Walled Garden turned out to a be a real gem! Free to enter and wall around at your leisure. It had a tearoom and workshops with local crafts people working (although none were there when we visited)

The garden was amazing, you enter it through a arch of trained apple trees! The garden was split into different sections and on a south facing slope was far ahead of my own!

Sweatpeas looking lovely

Trained fruit everywhere you looked!

The orchard was full of fruit with ripe apples already on the floor! It'll be a month yet until any of mine are ready. 

I love cold frames. Be great to have these with some covers on at mine! 

A lovely afternoon spent with my wife! I love dragging her round a garden like this!


  1. Wow, that looks like a lovely walled garden, I particularly like those cold frames.

    I find in any garden I go to, usually National Trust gardens I am drawn to the 'working' side of the plots. The lovely fruit orchards and vegetables growing areas really are my cup of tea in preference to the lawns and flower beds.


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