Saturday 31 August 2019

Pantry Build Part 2 - Dividing Wall

So the pantry has progressed some more this week. 

The stud wall is in, so the utility and pantry are divided.

My youngest was so funny when I first did it, he wondered round to the one side, tilted his head a looked at it, then went to the other side and did the same. Then comes up to me and says "I hate it, I want it as one!". Difficult to please everyone!

Today the electrician came to help get lights and sockets in. The lights in the pantry are going to be on sensors, the last thing food storage needs is lights left on! There will also be two even though it's a small room, that way it's far less likely to cast a shadow so it's much easier to find things. 

The walls now need to be battened out so I can insulate them and the stud wall needs insulation as well. Then it's ready for boarding, skimming and the floor to go down.
View into the pantry
 But it has got me thinking about how we're going to kit out the pantry. I'm into two minds on how to do it. The space is about 7' by 4.5' and I'm not sure whether to have fixed shelves or free standing racks. They'll have to take some sort of weight with what we will store on them so they'll need to be strong.

The utility the other side
I have a really interesting way of trying to keep the temperature down in there as well soon. But you'll have to watch this space - I don't want to give too much away before we test it out.

How would you kit out this space? What would you want to store and have easy access to?


  1. Looking good Kev. I'll be interested in how you're going to control the temp in your pantry! My pantry is way too warm (something we're getting ready to work on as well.)

    1. With a friend we're making a monitor to keep it cooler but very low cost hopefully! Watch this space!

  2. How are you providing ventilation? We had terrible mould problems initially until we ventilated the back wall.

    1. I've put in a 9inch square air brick low level and a 4inch fan up high. Hopefully it should be enough circulation

  3. I am all for a counter top. So broken shelves some up high being thinner and then deep storage at the bottom. mostly like a smaller kitchen. Drawers might be needed as a veg rack, keep all light out. not all the way around but one wall or part of a wall. it will help to have the counter so you can off load shopping bags. maybe have the dehydrator perm on a shelf... those types of things.


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