Sunday 18 August 2019

Family Days Out - St Fagan National Museum of History

I'm going to write this one up, but it's not a full review as the place is so big I don't even feel like we touched the surface of what it had to offer!

This turned out to be one of our wettest days out ever, but we still loved St Fagans National Museum of History.

But we don't let that Dampen our spirits (see what I did there?)

As we'd been on holiday to New Quay in Wales we decided that if we detoured to Cardiff we could visit St Fagan Museum as so many recommended it to us when I posted about our trip to Blists Hill last year.

It was supposed to be a two hour drive to Cardiff and then an hour and a half drive home. In the end, terrible weather and traffic meant it took nearly three and a half hours to get to Cardiff! The rain didn't let up for a single second!

So our day out turned into an afternoon. Most attractions you can blast round in a few hours anyway. Turns out you can't do that here! We managed to spend 3 very wet hours looking round and only did a tiny bit of the place.

Our plan was to run from building to building to keep as dry as possible but it's set on a huge site of 100 acres so we still got drenched! The building have all been relocated here (except the castle that we didn't even get chance to see) with many more in the pipe line. 

A huge bonus for us was that it was free to enter, so for a family of five like us that makes a huge difference!

This was just my kind of place, buildings from different periods set up how they would have been, some with fires going in them, some with people you could ask questions to. I could have done with more information in places so some more boards would have been handy.

There was also loads for the kids to try and out and do, much of it - thankfully - was in the dry! There was an amazing smaller museum near the roundhouses that had puzzles and things for the kids and plenty of woodworking tools for me to look at! 

Cooking in the round house

There was also a small village set up with shops and a tea room you could visit. It was funny when we saw the sign for a half hour wait to go any further - we had the place to ourselves!

I'll get my coat...

Love this type of cookware! 

By the time we got back to the car we were soaked to the skin, but we'd all really enjoyed it and found it fascinating! My wife and I were already planning our next try before we'd even dried off. We almost felt guilty that we'd done so little of it!

An incredible place, one I'm looking forward to visiting again, but next time when the sun is shining!

Who else has been here? What did you think?


  1. Never been there but it sounds really interesting.

    1. It was a great afternoon, wish we had longer there! We'll be going back!


  3. Saw what you did! My husband calls them "dad" jokes. We just groan and laugh. Looks like a really neat place for an outing. Enjoy the last of summer!
    Barb in USA

  4. Ooh I love old shops like that. Yes, blue and white emamel ware is some of my fav, too, I have quite a lot of it.


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