Monday 26 August 2019

3 Types Of Damsons

Just a short post showing the three types of damsons I have on my trees in the orchard at the moment.

From left to right -  "Merryweather", "Langley Bullace" and "King of the Damsons"
I have three different types and all three trees have grown like crazy since I planted them about 6 years ago. 

This year I seem to have fruit on all three for the first time, not very much though so I doubt I'll be making any jam unless I get some from mum and dads farm in a few weeks.

But I did think it was interesting to compare the fruits. I love a properly ripe damson to eat fresh from the tree, the Merryweather was a way off but the other two were close. The one on the right (King of damsons) is a freestone type and the stone comes away easily when preparing them for cooking or eating.

Truth be told when they're cooked I think you'd be a better person than me to tell them apart. I like having lots of variety of fruits here, even if the fruit tastes much the same they might react differently in different years to seasonal and pest constraints.

When younger we would have a damson crumble often in the autumn and spit our stones into a bowl and play "Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief" as we did so. We always thought it was a hilarious game to play!

Did you ever play this game? Or was it just my family being disgusting!?!


  1. Yes, we played. Also "Lady, baby, gypsy, queen" and "This year, next year, sometime never".

  2. i have been eating these like crazy now that they are in season. we had an orchard full of these when i was little and i loved them. my mother would can them. she died when i was very young. many years later an aunt gave me a jar my mother gave her and i ate them 15 years after my mother died.


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