Saturday 10 August 2019

Car Games

Long car journeys with these crazy clowns are never boring.

 Stopped at a cherry farm on the side lf the road and ate our body weight in cherries then played lots of car games.

Their favourite is one they call "What colour are you and what noise do you make". This has developed from a simple animal guessing game with noises from when they were small to more like 20 questions to guess the animal that the other is thinking.

 The boy (3) gets involved as well and has a habbit of keeping us guessing.

Some of his yesterday were quite tricky. One he answered every question with the word "poo" (very funny when you're 3) which was a dung beetle.

 One was "furry with one leg and junps" - A one legged kangaroo.

 And the hardest, which he assured us was real was "it's got 4 legs and feathers" which was *drum roll* - 2 penguins stuck together with glue.

 What games did you used to play in the car to keep entertained?

 I always think simple fun like this is what childhood memories are made of!

No tablets for ours because we're mean!


  1. Looks like fun. No tablets etc 40 years ago when our children were small. Lots of I spy type games or we put them in pjs and travelled at bedtime.

    1. Yeah we do the PJ travelling as well! Works great!

  2. We regularly did an eight hour drive through the Rocky Mountains with our children. Routine became important, where we stopped for picnics, what we ate and the games we played. Best game was who was the first to see significant landmarks like a water slide or pancake house. I cannot leave out the wonderful opportunity to connect as a family. what could have been ordeals are happy memories for our kids and yours too I expect.

    1. That's a long drive. I remember going coast to coast across America when I was 19 on greyhound bus and being amazed by the scenery of the Rocky mountains! They were incredible! It's a great way to connect like you said and to tell stories, I think a bit of boredom is good for children!


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