Sunday, 22 September 2019

Blackberry Cake

I don't have to guess where my children have their passion for free food. 

My youngest daughter even said to me the other night that it;s such a good year for blackberries. And they do seem particularly good this year, sweet and plentiful!  Although I did catch one of them planting blackberries in the veg garden to increase next years harvest!

We've been picking them pretty much every night, it doesn't take long to get a tub full and the kids just love helping to do this. At the moment I'm storing them in the freezer until I have some cooking apples ready to make a big batch of jam, as we do seem low on our jam stocks at the moment. I need to pinch some damsons from my mums and dads farm!

I have used one batch of pickings to make a blackberry cake though. So many recipes online, but I just used a normal sponge mix and chucked in the same amount of blackberries as the other ingredients (225g or 8oz depending where you are in the world). One thing I had forgotten was how much longer it takes to cook with all the fruit in it! best part of an hour I'd say and I didn't mix the cake up until gone ten at night as a last minute snack for a day out the next morning. 

It was worth the wait though as the cake was gorgeous and the children loved handing it to their friends who were with us to eat with it, knowing that they helped pick what was inside it.

What do you love to do with blackberries?

I'm sure the kids would love some more ideas!


  1. I have great ideas, but my Mother would take her loaf when it started to dry out a bit, slice it up dip in a egg wash and made French toast topped with homemade fruit syrup. Yummy.

  2. I meant to say I had no great ideas. Proof read before sending is something I have to practice!!

    1. Don't worry! I'm the worlds worse at that! Doing the french toast treatment to anything is good though!

  3. Blackberry and apple crumble and always with custard, I have made a couple already. Like you most of our blackberries are in the freezer, I will make puddings with them through out the winter months. We never have enough as we love them, but it's a perfect food on a cold wet day.

    1. Yes a crumble takes some beating! We'll keep freezing the small harvests and hopefully have enough to make a good batch of jam along with other goodies!

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