Thursday 12 September 2019

Children Playing Bake Off

As a family there is a few programmes we watch together, one of these is The Great British Bake Off. The kids just love it and are always inspired by it. 

All of this year they've been playing "Play-dough Bake Off" at every opportunity. They get their play dough out, we set them a theme and then they get to it. My youngest will run round shouting "3 minutes left!" and the girls will panic to finish at the end - just like the program.

The day before they started back at school, my youngest was at nursery and my wife at work, so it was just me and the girls. I asked them what they wanted to do and they both said "Bake Off!".

So out came the bread flour. They mixed and kneeded it themselves and then left it to prove, a full 600g of flour each so no small task for smaller arms and hands (they're only 5 & 7).

I then set them their theme to make their creations. I decided on "The sea" which they both loved. Then while they waited for their dough to rise they made models out of play dough and drew designs.

They loved using the real dough though and spent ages making their creations. We had some trays full of different models, including a mermaid, fish and a small coral reef in an arch. They lost a bit of detail as they grew in the oven.

Of course I had to judge it. Cutting open the bakes and testing them. Although surprisingly the result was a draw... I'm no fool...

So for about £1.50 worth of ingredients they had a great morning.

I was feeling a little guilty that I had been doing work while they'd been doing this, I'd been plasterboarding the pantry at the time, so in and out of the room. But when I asked them about their day they were telling me how much they loved it.

Even more so as we got to eat the results for lunch. My eldest even made a batch of six rolls for the freezer from the left over bread dough.

Anyone else play bake off?


  1. That is so fun! What a smart Dad you are!! The bread dough creations look great.

  2. i play bake off every single day. i just do it by myself!

  3. I love programs that inspire children. Great looking bread.


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