Tuesday 24 September 2019

Tomato - Sweet Current

At the Hereford Seed Swap earlier in the year a lady I was speaking to recommended I grow a tiny type of tomato. 

It's because we were talking about my grazing children and how they love to pick at fruit around the garden.

On her recommendation I ordered packet of seed from eBay of "Sweet Current" tomato. They've grown into some piddly little plants, flopping about the place, but they have been covered in tiny little tomatoes that have cropped the whole summer long!

The kids are in love with them and I'm always seeing them checking every plant daily so they can eat whatever they find! They are just like little sweet currents of tomato goodness, little jewels that the children love to discover!

The lady that recommend them to me said they self seed everywhere so I hope this is true. I can think of far worse weeds to worry about than these tiny tomato plants popping up!

Along the same lines I was mentioning these little tomatoes to my friend Adam during a seed swap meeting the other day and he said he might have something that would be up my street. Two days later I had a packet of wild tomato seed turn up on my doorstep! I can't wait to try these next year and see how they grow! I wonder how they'll compare?

Anyone else grown wild tomatoes? OR the sweet current? DO you have a tiny little tomato type that you grow for garden snacks?


  1. my cherry tomatoes were so abundant and wonderful this year that i am thinking i am only planting cherries next year and no regular tomatoes!

    1. Yeah, I think I only had a couple of normal sized ones in this year, the rest were small. None have made it to the house as the kids eat the lot!

  2. I've been recommending Ildi a small yellow plum to everyone who grows tomatoes - they are delicious and very prolific.

  3. I've never heard of currant tomatoes but they found great. I'll be looking out for the seeds. I suppose you could sun dry them like currants.

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