Friday 6 September 2019

Old Newspaper

When I was ripping out the old kitchen I pulled out some old newspaper out of an old blocked off chimney.

One was from the Ledbury Evening News July 7th 1975 and advert from the classifieds:

I love the thought of going to get peas like this!

And the second was from The Sun and an advert for chief engineers on an Antarctic expedition.

 I think the readership of the Sun might have changed somewhat from those times! 

What old snippets of history have you found while working on a property?

Ideally I'd like to find a pot of gold...


  1. We used to get peas like that in about 1984/5. We just had to take a bucket and they were sold by the bucket full. It would take quite a while to blanch and freeze but ever so cheap. I drive past the farm where we used to get them quite often now - no longer a farm

  2. when i redid my house i put boxes in the walls and inside the built in cabinets with pics of my kids and clippings of what was happening in the world at the time. i always stuck in a 5.00 bill with a note that said, "since people are always looking for money in old houses, here's yours. it's only 5.00 because if you could afford to buy this place, you don't need much more money!"

    1. This is such a sweet idea. I wish we had done that.

  3. When we stripped paper off the walls in our last house the previous occupants had drawn pictures all over of different people serving in the army etc. This was done during the 2nd world war and seemed to be family members. We papered over it carefully.

  4. Best one I ever found in a wall of a house we were remodeling, was a girl's school assignment, an essay titled "Thirty Years Hence, or, a Peep into 1874". A hand written treatise on what she thought life would be like thirty years on from 1844. Made for interesting reading.

  5. We totally gutted parts of our craftsman home and restored the rest. While steaming off the 8 layers of wallpaper from the living room we found written "Expert wallpaperers the Beans 1935" written in scrolling pencil on the plaster. We took a photo and have it. We also found a lot of the original paper tags on the backs of mouldings (our home is a Sears kit house that was bought from a catalog, shipped by railroad and assembled on site).

  6. I love old things, maybe it is because I am so old, LOL. The most recent poem I wrote is titled "Old Things." I have rescued/purchased a few old books from book sales because I didn't want them to be thrown out.


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