Sunday 1 September 2019

Brimfield Vintage Working Day 2019

After speaking to a family friend the other day about an item of machinery for one of my articles, he mentioned that it was their vintage working day this weekend.

Now we often go for a day out with Grandma (my mum) but not very often with Granddad (my dad) and I thought this would be perfect for him as well as he normally goes to it every year anyway. 

We had a great day out and it was great for my ulterior motive of finding some more machines to write about. 

When ever I go to anything like this I'm always simply amazed by my dads sheer knowledge of machinery, it's history and it's uses. Also, as he's had a long career in agriculture, how many machines he's used in the past. He always comes up with some titbit of information or a fact I hadn't heard before. 

The show was really well attended. Loads of vehicles and implements to look at. What's great about this show compared to others is that it's a "working day" so you get to see some of these machines in use as well.

There was also a huge display of Land Rovers for me to lust after. I have always loved and hated these in equal measures. I love the look of them and the feel, but like a friend said to me at the show, he tends to think they have a 30 minute comfort zone and then you start to wonder why they never developed the inside very much!

There was also the tractor pulling and many different tractors working in the fields. My son thought the tractor pulling was great - lots of smoke and noise, with tractors pulling themselves up onto two wheels as they go across the fields.

Dad treated us to a fish and chip lunch and an ice cream as well! So the kids were super happy with that!

My favourite bit of the day was to watch a few of the old combines working. Especially the old Massey Harris 735 - which I would call a smallholders dream combine! With a 6ft head it would be ideal for anyone wanting to grow just a small amount of grain for themselves! You do need someone to go on the bagging station bit though, which looked like it would be hard work!

We also got to see a crop loader in operation, powered by the wheels as a chain drive this machine easily scooped the straw off the ground and onto a trailer. It left so little behind.

Another favourite was this little wheel horse pictured below. It looks like a proper childs tractor, although really made for tight spaces in places like orchards. I'm sure my kids would love to have this one.

It also seems weird to see tractors that I grew up driving now being seen as classics. But I guess they are now! A 2140 like this was "my" tractor as a teenager, although mine had a square cab, and I spent many hours driving and contracting for dad in my younger years. Built in the 80's I forget that these machines are nearly 40 years old now!

In all it was a great day, I spoke to some really interesting people and also saw some old friends I hadn't seen in a while, it was also great to go for a day out with my dad that I know he enjoys!

Who else loves seeing old machines working?


  1. Fantastic photos Kev. Any Ford 3000 tractors?

  2. Love the old machines. I am currently doing battle with a 1952 Ford 8N with a low oil pressure indication and pissing hydraulic fluid from all cylinders and controls on the Wagner made front end loader. I fear a complete tear-down and rebuild is n my near future.

    1. Ii want to do something up at some point, but whether I'd ever have time for it is another thing to be honest! Dad has a few old landrover chassis up the orchard. I'd love to do one of those one day. maybe make them electric!

  3. That would be a fun event. My husband and I had an apple farm in the 80s and used a handsome reliable old tractor. I read a book you might like, Little Heathens, a memoir about growing up on a farm in the 1930s in Iowa. Though set in the USA I imagine farms in the UK had many similarities. It was hard work every day!

    1. Sounds a good book, I'll look out for it! Thanks!


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