Sunday 24 November 2013

Apple Scratting

On Saturday we started the next step in our cider making process. We crushed and chopped the apples in an electric apple scratter ready so we can press it on Sunday.
Cleaning the apples

The look good enough to eat although I wouldn't!

The electric scratter that made the job quite easy

My little helper carrying a bucket of apples with me. I'm surprised she found time between eating as many apples as she could get away with.

Waiting to be pressed
The theory of doing this over two days is that the cider has a greater flavour over one that is scratted and pressed on the same day. I think that we managed to tackle around 300kg of apples in a few hours, so not too bad going really and not long enough for my little helper to get bored!


  1. I have never made cider but sure like to drink it. Most of it is just apple juice now with a label that says cider.

  2. WOW!!! 300kg of apples - how much apple cider will this make???

  3. That brings back some memories! Maybe I'll repost an article from a year or two ago on the subject.

  4. Cant say I have tasted apple cider, but I bet it is very nice :)


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