Thursday 21 November 2013

Maternal Instinct

This little girl loves her little sister so much!

I know little boys play with guns and little girls play with dolls but we've not knowingly pushed her in that direction (she has a train set!). She just wants to do little girl things.
But I never realised that a little person under the age of two could be so caring. If Melissa starts crying she tells her mum, when we change her nappy she brings us a new one and puts the dirty one in the bin, she tries to share food with her, protects her from other toddlers, constantly checks on her, kisses her, hugs her.
It melts your heart really. We were so worried about her being jealous. What a good big sister!


  1. That's so sweet make the most of it they will be sworn enemies in a few years :)

    Both my boys loved dollies and pushchairs and both had a kitchen to play with when they were little , eldest's a helicopter engineer.......but he still likes to cook

  2. Enjoy them, they get big way too fast.

  3. Some ARE terribly jealous. You are blessed!

  4. It's the way her parents have raised her.
    Jane x

  5. Now is a great time to experiment with fake memories. Making remarks about how much the kids love each now other helps in the long run. Statements like, when we brought baby home from the hospital she saw you and said your name... AND we never even told her! It was her first words!
    Also, show the kids photos of clowns and ponies for a week, Later, when the kids are older (Say 5 or 6) you can talk about that birthday party when she was three and there were ponies and the scary clown and how she left her new bicycle out in the rain and it melted due to the acid rain from China. If you start thinking about these things early you can warp their thought processes.
    You do have to use self restraint.
    At times I will be telling a story about the time Unicorns showed up for that picnic when we got to fly the airplane but then the dog catcher came and took them away and she will look right at me and declare me to be a fraud. It is quite embarrassing.

  6. Mine have never had the jealous thing thank goodness but they now try to pretend the other doesn't exist at school. Teenagers!!!!

    viv in nz

  7. You want to watch her. Before long she'll be feeding your furniture through a planer thicknesser and when you pitch up aghast she'll say, 'Look Daddy! It's all the same size!'

  8. Very sweet, and I love that she has that instinct. Sure there may be rough times ahead, but seems a good start and one to encourage. I have seen families with children who are each other's best buddies and take care of each other. I think it definitely has to do with how they are raised and their impression of their own importance to the family and each other, despite the fact that children come as little individuals with minds of their own! :-)

  9. I think this is awesome, and it means you are great caring, loving parents. Your influence is shining through your gorgeous daughter xx

  10. You have a lovely family Kev, and the best of it is, that you appreciate this.


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