Tuesday 26 November 2013

Fox Attack

Well November hasn't gone down as my bet chicken keeping month ever!
Saturday morning I went out to feed my three lots of birds (the young lot have been moved to mum and dads as payment for corn!) only to find that the two silkies are no more. This was the only lot that I didn't shut in at night as their coop was so small and difficult to get into I thought it would be safe enough from foxes.
I guess I've learnt a lesson from that but it's a shame that they had to go that way! this were unproductive birds so they're loss isn't going to impact on egg production but I did quite like them and he was always the first to crow when I went outside.
Never mind, time to get the 12 bore and the gun lamp back out I think...


  1. This is so sad isn't it ? been there, experienced that ........
    for me too, it was the one night that I wasn't vigilant enough, unfortunately, Mr fox and badger never let their guard down.

  2. B! Foxes.
    Our neighbours have spotted one crossing the road near us on two nights last week.Action needed here too I think.

  3. What a shame. It's that time of year, they will struggle into tiny spaces and leap tall fences to get a warm meal. It's nature, but a 12 bore should help your side of things no end!!

  4. Oh that is terrible...poor silkies :(

    I had a visit from a fox on Sunday morning. The girls made an awful commotion at 6.45. I jumped out of bed to find a fox outside trying to get the chooks. I made lots of noise, banging on the tin fence and chasing him away (hubby wasn't here). So far he hasn't ventured back. Damn creatures have been a nuisance this year. Another morning at around 9,30 a fox got one of our baby chicks. Hubby was out side nearby but that didn't deter him! Be careful, the fox may come back in a couple of days for another feast...

  5. Shame :(
    I am on highest alert here as well. its all year round but winter and spring are when they are most keen and hungry

  6. Silkies don't do well against any predators because of their head plumage
    They just can't see what's coming
    Been there done that
    Sorry kev.......horrible to lose anything

  7. I finally just built a fox proof coop. I had to use a live trap to catch the foxes but it is hard, even harder to see them for a good shot.

  8. Oh that stinks! I feel your pain- we just lost one of our favorite birds to an owl. I had no idea they went after chickens!

  9. Last winter I looked out of the door just before I went to bed and came face to face with a fox who had one of our hens pinned beneath it. I have never moved so fast! Saved the hen, but lost a laying goose after the fox got frightened away from the hen by my shouting, and thus she was saved. But the fox nabbed a goose on the way back to the woods!

  10. I once lost a whole run-full over night. I sympathise.


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