Wednesday 1 April 2020

Chestnut Fencing

I wrote this post before the lock down and went to get the posts before it as well! 

I've been planning on doing some fencing for a while now.

The area I want to tackle is around the polytunnel. I've been warned that rabbits do like to get through the plastic and so it's best to fence around it.

This made me think though. The area I'm fencing might as well be squared off. And then in that area I can add a large chicken/duck pen. I still love my movable chicken coops but sometimes it's nice to have a permanent area to keep them and I think the ducks I currently have in the incubator are going to need different housing.

I looked at different fencing options and priced them up. Some of the fencing I put in 7 or 8 years ago has rotted off already, which is really annoying. So basically I think I'm down to either creosoted posts, which are horrible to work with, or hard wood.

Luckily for me there is a local company who coppice sweet chestnut to make fencing and other garden products, Say It With Wood. I've used it before when I fenced my mums garden and loved working with it. I was also surprised when I priced it up that it wasn't too bad in comparison. I love the look of the posts when they're fitted.

It's also great to buy something that has been grown and processed locally. Feels much better than getting softwood posts from another country.

So I have lots of 6ft posts for rabbit wire to stop animals getting in and 8ft posts for chicken wire to stop animals getting out!

Watch this space to see what I create pen wise!

Do you fence around your polytunnel?

How big is your chicken pen? This one is going to be a monster!


  1. also squirrels and rodents chew their way in and cats claw. I have put square wire mesh around mine .


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